logo (Re)design

"the tip of your brand's iceberg"

everything about your brand in a distinguishable design

What’s a logo? If you stick to pure definition, you might view logos as mere symbols, graphics or stylized names that represent a company, product or brand. If we believed that, we wouldn’t dedicate a whole page to logo design.

Think about a logo that you know well. Now, can you think of it without equally having a few thoughts about the company itself? Probably not, right? That’s the magic of logos.

To understand the importance of logo design, let’s take a quick step back. Your company stands for something. Why you do what you do, how you do what you do, and the way you deliver your value to the world all come together in shaping your company’s identity. In other words, your brand. And your logo is the front end of that identity.

A great logo communicates who you are, triggers emotional responses to your brand and sets you apart from your competitors. That’s why we treat logo design as creating functional art with a soul.

Let’s show you how we can breathe life into your logo by showcasing how we designed our very own, as well as that of one of our clients.

the story of our logo

With a firm brand identity in mind, we carefully consider each detail, starting from the design itself, to typography, font, and color palette.  Once the logo emerges from our process, we place it in various contexts to ensure that it feels just right.

AWOS Technologies

We use the same process with you, starting with your brand’s identity firmly in mind.  The difference is that with customers like you, we offer several variants so that you always have choice.