our story

Our “why” began when we stopped to consider the relationship that we as humans have with the digital world. If the last decade or two have taught us anything, it’s that we’re not separate from our natural environment – how we treat it impacts our lives and well being. The same can be said of the virtual realm. 

We use digital in almost all aspects of daily life and spend up to seven hours a day in virtual exploration and consumption without even realizing it.  Would you believe that, on average, we’re blasted with 10,000 marketing messages every single day?

Thankfully the human brain is one sophisticated bit of hardware. In response to this marketing blitzkrieg, our brains help us block out unwanted communications. That’s right: it simply shuts them out. Why, then, do we continue to see a proliferation of “spammy” digital ad techniques and cluttered websites? 

The good news is that we’re drawn to welcoming environments and invite helpful communications. This suggests that there’s a better way.

So, who is Honin and what is our why? A play on to hone in, it means sharpening your focus when considering online solutions. In short, to optimize digital results by treating people as people, not as inputs. We’re about creating soothing environments that are intuitive, inviting, and helpful to your customers. We believe in balance between written and visual content. That includes the careful selection of digital tools, by opting only for those that assist your audiences in their virtual interactions with you.

We exist to help you keep your customers at the forefront of your digital decision-making, so that you can focus on what you do best. We’ll help weed out the unnecessary for a more natural digital experience, simplified online sales and, in turn, stronger brand reinforcement. Welcome to less is more.

We look forward to working together.


Using design, simplicity and carefully selected tools, we inspire business owners to recreate their customers’ digital experience.


To be known as the digital agency that you turn to when you want to breathe life into your online presence.